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Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday, June 13

I weighed in this morning at 182.6, so that is actually a loss of 1.2 from last week. However, last week I had gone out to eat mexican food the night before WI, so not sure if this is a true loss this week. It's Friday the 13th!  Here's my day:
1 c Fiber One - 2 pts
1 c Silk Soy milk with added fiber (1 dairy) - 1 pt
Coffee - 0 pts
Sugar-free hazelnut creamer (1 tbsp) - 0 pt
1 hard boiled egg - 2 pts
TOTAL: 5 pts, 1 dairy
Amy's Whole Meals Cheese Enchilada Meal (1 f/v) - 6 pts
1 c frozen broccoli - 0 pts, 2 f/v
TOTAL: 6 pts, 3 f/v
2 hard boiled eggs, whites only - 1 pt
1 c soy milk (1 dairy) - 1 pt
Cod filet - 3 pts
Zatarains seasoning - 1 pt
Vegenaise (light coating on fish) - 1 pt
Huge salad - 0 pts, at least 3 f/v
Spray ranch dressing - 0 pts
Smart Ones mac n cheese - 5 pts
Skinny Cow vanilla/caramel cone - 3 pts
TOTAL: 13 pts, 3 f/v

Daily Totals:
26 pts
6 f/v servings
2 dairy servings

I went over slightly (2 pts), but was craving a version of an old favorite dinner of mine (shake and bake pork chops, mac n cheese, salad).  I also did not get my oil, but I did spray the fish with some spray EVOO.  I also got in my vitamins and omegas this morning!!

Today was a good day.

Next challenge: THE WEEKEND.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Sounds like you're doing great! When you went "over" by 2 Points did you have WPA's left or was that over over?