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Friday, June 20, 2008

Down .4

So I'm down .4, and damn proud of it. Again, I went out for dinner the night before. It's a ritual, and I think maybe I will move my WI day back to Thursday again so I don't have to give it is usually the only time I get out with friends all workweek long!! I have learned how to make better choices though. There is a grilled shrimp dish that I always order, and I get it with a huge salad, no rice or beans. That way I can still have a little bit of chips and salsa, which is a required splurge. They also have this as a fish filet option, which is also very, very good...but seems to have quite a bit more oil on it. That's what I usually have on Saturday, when I got to the same place after my morning ride. I am a true creature of habit!

In other news, I talked to a realtor this week. I'm finally getting the ball rolling on buying my first home! Within the next two weeks, I'm going to talk to USAA and Chase about getting a pre-approval certificate. The only kink in my plan to put all my extra money into savings and paying off credit cards is the fact that my dog may have some big expenses coming up. She 12, and her liver enzyme levels are testing through the roof, even after antibiotics. Tomorrow I take her in for an ultrasound.

My next hurdle is an out of town work trip. I leave Sunday and get back Tuesday evening. The hotel is in downtown Houston, and has a great gym, so I should be able to get some good workouts in during my down time (of which there will be plenty). I'll be joining the No Excuses challenge on the WW boards, so I need to get my time in!

OK, back to reading my magazines and catching up on my DVR'd shows.


Michelle said...

Hey! That's where I got those .4 pounds from...they floated my way. I've always wondered what happened to the pounds we lose. Now I know, we swap them around! j/k. I know that fat floats in the air out to the atmosphere and is creating a new life on Mars as we speak. Whoa, I'm funny, eh?

Seriously though, congratulations on all your progress. Sounds like things are going really well. That challenge should be motivating.

I hope your dog is ok. Keep us posted.

Lisa said...

Carrie, you are so in control, I am very impressed. You got this down and make it look easy. Great work!