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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Motivationally challenged?

I am, by nature, motivationally challenged. I want everything right now or else, which means that motivating myself for the long haul is difficult. However, how is this for motivation....a two week trip to Europe!

We're landing in London, and visiting Britain, Amsterdam, Cinque Terre, Italy (check out that pic!) and Ireland. Not only do I want to look good for the trip, I want to feel good...this will be a necessity for the trip since we are going to be doing the backpack route. Me, a 36 year old backpacker! I love it!


Michele said...

Wow - that picture is amazing! You will have a fantastic time.

Kurt said...

Found your link from a WW post you left me. Recognized the photo right away. Spent a few days in Cinque Terre in 1998. It might be my favorite spot on earth. Have a great time, but know that I am JEALOUS!