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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Weeeeelll, here I am again.

Today, WW jumped the gun and posted the new Momentum plan online for onliners and etoolers. I read it all, and I gotta tell you, I'm semi-excited about it! The Thanksgiving holiday did a number on me, between the death of my beloved Mrs Mia Wallace and the overabundance of comfort foods and sweets. I skipped WI on Wednesday because emotionally I was just not ready for another letdown.

So, about Momentum. I like the ability to save up APs....this is especially useful for people like myself who can easily earn 10-12 APs on a long ride, but not necessarily want to eat all of them that day. It will take some getting used to with the tracker taking from weekly points before APs, but all in all I think it will work nicely. I also like the idea of set points...since I always had this guilt about miscounting when I go out to eat. This eases my mind.

Updates on me? Not much, except I did sign up for the BP MS 150 bike ride in April. Please visit to learn more and donate, if you would like. Oh, and I signed up for monthly 8 weeks I lost 1 pound. Yeah, I need a kickstart.

I bought a new cookbook, Vegan Fire & Spice, filled with spicy dishes from several different cuisines, i.e. thai, indian, chinese, american, mexican, etc. While I am not vegan anymore, I still like to eat a vegan diet quite a bit. I'll be testing some of these recipes soon!!

Be back soon!

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Michelle said...

How's that cookbook turning out? You'll have to post the best recipe for us to try out. It sound yummy. Looks like you've been out of the blogosphere like me lately too. Hope to see an update soon! Merry Holidays!