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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Facing the music, and having some damn good pasta after.

I went and weighed in tonight since I decided to switch my WI to Tuesday evening.

And...I was up 3.6 pounds. 190.8.

I'm not could have been worse. This is after two weeks of pigging out, and a night WI vs a morning WI.

I decided to celebrate my new commitment, and use some of those groceries I bought, and I whipped this up:

1 cup whole wheat lingiune - 4 pts
2 oz shrimp - 1 pt
mushrooms - 0 pts
yellow onion - 0 pts
kale - 0 pts
red pepper flakes - 0 pts
2 tsp olive oil - 2.5 pts
lemon juice - 0 pts
1 tbsp fresh parmesan cheese - 1 pt

Cook the linguine. I sauteed the veggies (I didn't measure...I don't count points for zero pt veggies) in garlic and vegetable broth, added shrimp and sauteed. I added the kale last, then topping with the cooked pasta. Then I added a bit more broth, the olive oil and lemon juice to taste and mixed together to warm and blend flavors. Finished off with fresh basil and cheese, and voila!!! A huge, hearty meal for 8.5 points!!


Lindarx said...

That looks great! I will have to try it out on the family.

Anonymous said...

I definitely have to try that recipe!!!! Its sounds yummy!

I'm afraid to get on the scale - I need to start counting points again big time!

Melissa said...

Hi Carrie,

Great blog! I started back at Weight Watchers wasn't pretty after the holidays!

I found your blog after following a post you left on WW's message boards about grapeseed oil. Someone had asked if it was allowed as a healthy oil and you wrote "I assume you already checked the online materials, if you are online? The answer is no." I'm not an online member, but the leader at my meeting this morning said it'd be ok. What does it say online?

Thanks for your help!

Carrie said...

No, Melissa....grapeseed oil is not one of the WW healthy oils. It IS a healthy oil, but not per WW and technically can not be counted as one on the plan. Thank you for your comments!

Michelle said...

Great meal! I'm glad you made it to a meeting and faced the scale. 3.6 pounds is 3.6 pounds. In the big picture this will be a tiny blip on the screen. It's all about the long term. Happy New Year!!